Our Story


It all started with three girls and three scrubs.

My sisters and I started our own skincare company because of a desire for a more natural product to care for our own skin.  I have been working in the skincare industry for the last nine years and despite working with so many brands, I never found a product to help care for my sensitive skin gently without a long ingredients list of harsh chemicals.  I wanted a simple and more natural way to care for a needed, but often overlooked, step in good skincare routine: exfoliation.  
That is how our first sugar body scrub came about three years ago.

Over the last three years we have established ourselves by making our body products with natural ingredients, by hand, and in small batches.  What started with just one body scrub for my sisters and I quickly flourished into other creations to tackle the daily challenges we faced with our own skin.  Living in the desert southwest can be very harsh and leave skin weathered.  Purposefully selected oils in our body scrubs, #bodybombs, and Aloe & Oil naturally hydrate and moisturize damaged and dry skin.  We believe skincare should be both beneficial and fun!  The delicious ‘’flavors’(essential oils) and pops of color in our products reflect my sisters and my personalities in every way!  From selling our first body scrub at local farmers markets to developing and marketing a collection of body care products our goal has been the same: make a simple, natural, and fun solution to skincare.

We have come a long way from where we started, but in the end, we are sisters.  

The Raw33 Body Girls,
Jocelyn, Lauryn, & Gena